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Onyx’s commitment to the community involves working closely with leaders and partners to create economic opportunities within the indigenous communities. Onyx's established management and workforce provides training and employment to remote locations. Onyx brings to the table experience and established operating and organizational structure, using this to train a skilled workforce able to put to practice their skills within the Medical Services Industry.


Onyx values developing and maintaining partnerships within the indigenous communities and areas of operation. Onyx continues to identify and pursue future partnerships and relationships within the areas we work to further enhance the economic success of all parties. Onyx has worked on Mutual Respect Agreements with several indigenous communities during our successful operations.


Onyx supports collaboration within the indigenous communities to identify and support the training and personal development to establish well long-lasting careers within the local indigenous band. We support the local programs and strategies to further assist the communities in maximizing their economic opportunities and facilitate the mutual growth from within.