Thank you for visiting Onyx Industrial Inc. As of Aug 13, 2020 we were made aware of various online accusations and distorted information surrounding various YouTube and social media videos. Onyx does in no way support the position of these attacking videos, and completely disassociates itself from its heinous suggestive language. The slandering and harassment that has ensued is being fully investigated by our legal department.

Onyx Industrial Inc is an Alberta based industrial service company focused on Emergency Medical Standby and  on-site Covid response. We work exclusively for our  industrial and Oil and Gas clients and any such services are paid for by our clients for their employees. We are in no way associated with any larger agenda (government or otherwise) and our primary daily objective is to help our domestic fight against Covid to hopefully eradicate it from our communities. Our goal is to do whatever we can to keep our small (but mighty!) company fully functioning and providing meaningful and long term employment for our staff.

For further questions, pls don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Alberta Proud,
Steph Marques, Vice President

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Identify, Isolation and Alert

Protect your staff and maintain your remote operations

ONYX offers comprehensive on-site medical services for our remote industrial clients, including robust support specific to the COVID-19 pandemic:

COVID-19 pre-screening and on-site testing

  • Temperature checks
  • Symptom screening
  • Multi-modal COVID-19 diagnostics, including PCR and lung ultrasound

Extraction service

  • Our medical staff will assess patients who exhibit symptoms or have had potential exposure
  • Patients will be transported via Mobile Treatment Centre to their home, isolation space, or hospital, pending assessment and discussion with patient

Isolation facility

  • While patients await test results or receive a positive COVID-19 test result, ONYX provides support to those who cannot safely return home
  • 50 self-contained hotel rooms in Leduc, AB
  • Nurse on location and Medical Director oversight of patient monitoring
  • Daily meal delivery and regular grocery delivery
  • Standard in-room hotel amenities, as well as laundry service

ONYX communicates directly with the relevant provincial health authority as required.

    To learn more about ONYX COVID-19 Services, contact or 1-877-599-6762 ext. 2

    Partners in a healthy work space