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Onyx boasts a large fleet of MTC’s for on-site locations that do not require a clinic setting. Onyx has the transport exemption permit issued by Safety & Compliance Services Branch, Alberta Transportation. The Exemption permit allows Onyx to transport patients on major highways.

Our MTCs are staffed by qualified personnel who are regularly audited by management to ensure then maintain Onyx high standards while representing Onyx and Onyx’s clients. Onyx also does in-house training with our staff to ensure our staff maintain their skills.

Onyx stocks all MTC’s to allow the practitioners to work to their full scope of practice.


ONYX’s expertly trained staff work with your team to ensure your medical priorities are taken care of providing expert emergent response and safely provided care in remote and hazardous areas. We are proud in our ever-expanding workforce’s ability to cover all aspects of industrial medical services for your next project.

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