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Onyx can assist clients with on-site safety and corporate safety personnel.

On-site safety includes:

  • Fire Watch
  • Confined Space Watch
  • Bottle Watch
  • On-site safety personnel (all levels)

Onyx provides personnel for smaller jobs, our focus is to provide qualified personnel for sites that require 2-3 people daily. This allows the clients safety personnel to perform their work and feel confident the staff have been well looked after either in a confined space or hot work situation.

Onyx can also provide safety personnel to assist sites with special projects, the level of training ranges from Safety Administrators to NCSOs to CRSPs


ONYX’s expertly trained staff work with your team to ensure your medical priorities are taken care of providing expert emergent response and safely provided care in remote and hazardous areas. We are proud in our ever-expanding workforce’s ability to cover all aspects of industrial medical services for your next project.

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